French Friday

Galette de Rois

Galette des Rois has a traditional story to it. You will find these in every bakery in France. It is a French cake eaten to celebrate the holiday of the Epiphany, which is the day of January 6th, when the three wise men visited baby Jesus. As a French tradition, a small china bean or trinket is hidden in the cake. Only one cake of the batch has the lucky charm in it, so the person who has the hidden lucky charm is Queen or King for the day.

Layered Mushrooms (French style)

History has it, that in the South of France a cheap and healthy way to feed the family was to stuff vegetables and serve them as a complete meal.

These Portobello mushrooms are hearty enough to be served as a light, main meal with a salad or vegetable side dish. They can also be served as they are as an appetizer.

This recipe is a bit time consuming because it’s made by using three layers to build this tasty stuffed mushroom.

Berry and Lemon Curd Tart

This tart delivers an impressive dessert which isn’t just colourful, but has an exceptional flavour of the lemon curd coming through the creamy mixture which isn’t a heavy filling.

Salmon Rillette

French Vegetable Stew

The French use seasonal vegetables to create their “stews”, and here we have a collection of their Spring vegetables.

These ingredients come together to create an amazingly flavoursome dish.

Almond and Hazelnut Dacquoise

This dessert cake was first made to satisfy the taste buds of the sophisticated people of the French court. The Dacquoise is served chilled and usually accompanied with fruit.

This dessert cake is made up of layers or discs of baked meringue, which is made up of, egg whites, sugar, almonds and hazelnuts. In between these layers we have ganache and a creamy, coffee buttercream. Although this whole process is a bit time consuming, it is really quite simple. It’s important to have each step prepared well in advance so you can give yourself time for assembling.

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