French Friday

Provence: French Style Fennel and Pear Salad

Provence: French Style Fennel and Pear Salad

French Strawberry Paste

This can be used on biscuits as a spread, and also goes well with soft cheeses.

French Vegetable Stew

The French use seasonal vegetables to create their “stews”, and here we have a collection of their Spring vegetables.

These ingredients come together to create an amazingly flavoursome dish.

Floating Island Dessert

Here is an old fashioned French dessert which has only a few ingredients. It consists of a fluffy steamed meringue which floats on a bed of light vanilla custard. This is traditionally topped with caramel sauce, roasted almonds and berries.

French Style Baked Salmon

Salmon remains the most popular fish for French consumers, with smoked salmon swimming ahead of fresh and frozen product. It is the number one fish eaten by the French.

Zucchini Herbed Balls

A very tasty, bite size savoury appetizer which is packed with flavour. A good way of using up the variety of herbs which you have in your garden. Once again, a satisfying feeling to look down onto the mixture in the bowl and know that everything you see there has come from your own garden. If you don’t have all of the herbs listed, it doesn’t matter, you can use dried herbs instead.

When using dried herbs, remember to halve the quantity because they tend to be much stronger when dried.

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