French Friday

Vegetable Terrine

The word “Terrine” in French describes an oblong earthenware dish with straight sides, used for cooking and serving food. A terrine in French cuisine is a paté made in a pottery container also called a terrine. Food made in a terrine can be meat, vegetables or desserts.

Here we have a flavoursome vegetable terrine, which is layers of puréed vegetables encased in silver beet leaves.

Pear and Rosemary Tarte Tatin

The French infuse rosemary into a number of their desserts and they always taste amazing.

What a wonderful herb twist is given to this delicious pear dessert, with the rosemary adding a savoury note to the overall taste.

Roasted Fennel with Cherry Tomatoes

An old fashioned recipe which the French use often as a side dish, but particularly with fish.

This is very simple to put together with very few ingredients, but really tasty.

French Yabby and Olive Apéro

Yabbies grow well in the Alps regions of France where there are many streams and lakes in which they grow.  In France, yabbies are a true delicacy and can be found on menus at most restaurants.  

Here we have another tasty way of having yabbies as an appetiser.

Provencal Baby Potatoes with Fennel

This is a versatile side dish to be served with any kind of meat or fish. The French utilize the fennel flavour in a number of their soups, salads, vegetables and many of their classic dishes.

Provencal Olive, Cheese and Tomato Loaf

In France, the pain aux olives is a very popular savoury loaf which, cut into cubes or thin fingers, is served with drinks.

It’s a savoury loaf, packed with flavours of cheese, bacon, olives and sundried tomatoes. This is also a convenient snack to have as a light lunch with a tossed green salad.

To make a vegetarian version, just leave out the bacon and ham.

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