Knobs and Handles

We have a wide range of unique Knobs and Handles in-store. Due to their uniqueness we can't keep up with posting them online but here are some pictures of our range past and present. The unique knobs show below are around $14.00 each.

If you like what you see, please contact us and we'll send images of our current range which can be posted to you anywhere in Australia.

Knob 8 Red and White
Knob 12 Large White
Knob 2 Orange Spot
Knob 8 Black and White
Knob 1 green flower
Knob 11 Green with White spot
Knob 3 Crystal 2
Knob 16 Pink with White spot
Knob 9 Green and White
Knob 13 White and Blue
Knob 3 Crystal
Knob 4 Yellow
Knob 14 Small red
Knob 17 White with Beige spot
Knob 10 Small White
Knob 5 Blue
Knob 7 Blue and Yellow
Knob 6 Green and Red Flower
Knob 15 Black and Gold

There are no products to list in this category.

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