Jeanne d'Moore Cafe, Moora WA

The Jeanne d'Moore Cafe in Moora hand makes the best French-inspired delicacies that country Western Australia has to offer. We have a gorgeous selection of homemade savoury and sweet items on our menu. Our beautiful in-store cafe is open from 9am to 5pm all week long. We're even open from 9am to 2pm on Saturday. Experience the very best in French-style living with our in-store dining area and amazing products. Can't visit us in-store? Shop online now.

Cafe Menu

Everyday Menu

Barista Coffee

Tea Drop Teas

  • Malabar Chai
  • Spring Green
  • Supreme Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Lemon and Ginger
  • Honey dew green
  • Peppermint

Fresh French bread baked daily

We use fresh french bread which is baked in-store daily for our Cafe menu. A small selection of our bread is available to order.

  • Sour Dough rustic loaf
  • Batard
  • Fig loaf
  • Sour dough Baguettes


  • Chicken and feta crepe
  • Ham crepe
  • Beef crepe

Crepe Wraps and Baguettes

  • Chicken and salad
  • Ham and salad
  • Tuna and salad
  • Salami and salad
  • Devilled Egg with spinach and bacon

Toasted Baguettes

  • Bacon and egg with béarnaise sauce
  • Mediterranean - salami cheese and olive salsa
  • Tuna melt - cheese ,spring onion and tuna
  • Chicken - with Cranberry and Beetroot relish
  • Roasted Vegetable -   with cheesy béchamel sauce

Bain Marie

  • Croissants
  • Breakfast cups bacon and egg
  • Sausage Pastry
  • Home made Pies Beef burgundy and slow cooked chicken

French Pastrys , Muffins, Donuts and Macarons

Sweet Tarts  (Change Daily)

  • Lemon Merengue
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • White Chocolate raspberry tart
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Almond and Coconut GF
  • Almond and pear
  • Apple tartlets GF
  • Chocolate tartlets GF

Large selection of Rawsomes Gluten Free raw sweets

Du Jour Menu

Our Du jour menu features a Crepe stack, Savoury Tart and Frittata from the following selection and is made fresh each day. In the summer we also offer a fresh salad daily and in the winter a fresh soup.

Crepe stacks

  • Chicken and Beetroot
  • Ham and mustard
  • Savoury Beef
  • Vegetarian
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Tuna and spring vegetables

Savoury Tarts

  • Quiche Lorraine Bacon
  • Cauliflower and caramelised onion - vegetarian
  • Tuna and spring vegetables and pesto
  • Roasted Vegetable - vegetarian
  • Mediterranean chicken
  • Salmon and mustard

Frittata (Gluten Free)

  • Mediterranean salami tomato
  • Zucchini and spinach vegetarian
  • Tuna and basil pesto
  • Roasted Vegetables vegetarian
  • Mushroom and feta vegetarian

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