French Friday

Pomegranate Cocktail

This can be a celebration cocktail with the vibrance of pomegranate colour and a touch of Champagne to be a drink which can be a festive treat.

It is a very refreshing drink which can be enjoyed by those who choose to leave out the alcohol, or those who choose to indulge by adding Gin, Vodka or Champagne to it.

Strawberry Souffle Muffins

Home-made French Onion Dip

Traditionally the French Onion dip was caramelized onion, served with bread and melted cheese. This is a dip made by combining flavours of caramelized onions with cream cheese and mayonnaise.

French Strawberry Paste

This can be used on biscuits as a spread, and also goes well with soft cheeses.


This French dessert is a very old fashioned “Grandmothers” recipe which was made for a religious procession at Easter time to celebrate the feast of La Fenetra.

Pomegranate and Olive Relish

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