French Friday

Baked Salmon in Provencal Sauce

A colourful and delicious salmon recipe which is quick and easy to assemble. The sauce can be prepared earlier in the day and poured over the salmon just before cooking.

Raspberry and Vanilla Vacherin

The French created this simple dessert which is the layering of meringue with a fruit filled ice cream. The top is covered with cream and decorated with the fruit of your choice.

Here we have a Raspberry Vacherin which has raspberries mixed into the ice cream, sandwiched between two discs of meringue, covered with cream and decorated with pistachios and fresh raspberries, then drizzled with raspberry coulis.

Figs with Chicken and Port wine Sauce

You won’t believe how luscious this simple, and quick-to-make, chicken dish ends up being.

Poached Pear in Port Syrup

This classic French dessert is simple, light, and ever so easy to make.

Savoury Pumpkin Flan

Here we have a light textured savoury flan which is baked in ramekins within a water bath. There seem to be a lot of ingredients in this recipe but they are all necessary to give you the final interesting flavour of this pumpkin side dish. I used seven, 10 cm ramekins and filled them almost to the top.

French Crème with Yoghurt and Nut Coated Grapes

Here we have a dessert which is easy to prepare but you must give yourself a couple of hours for the crème moulds to set.

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