French Friday

Rosace a l’orange

The unique presentation of this impressive stained glass orange cake also has extraordinary flavours.

Although the recipe may look daunting, it is basically an upside down orange cake with two layers of sponge sandwiching a pastry cream. It must be made at least a day before serving because it needs time for flavours to fully develop.

Provencal Style Savoury Gateau

Breakfast, brunch or lunch! The omelette is one of the most fundamental dishes you can make, and by just adding a few different ingredients to it, you can create this savoury gateau which doesn’t only taste good, but looks elegant as well.

Classic French Opera Cake

The French Opera cake is known throughout the world. It is a square cake, made with four layers of almond flavoured sponge, sometimes soaked in a coffee syrup, and topped with a coffee butter cream, then topped with deep, dark, chocolate ganache.

The pastry chef who created this cake wanted to make a cake, when in taking one bite, would have the taste of the whole cake.

Basil Pesto with Cheese

Fresh Berry Tart

French Tuile Torte

This stunning 27 layered cake is time consuming but easy to make. Fourteen layers of cake and thirteen layers of chocolate mousse. Don’t concern yourself if some of the cake layers break off, just use the mousse to join them together.

It can be prepared the day before you need it, but take it out of the fridge about an hour before serving. Your guests will not be disappointed!

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