French Friday

Alsatian Salad with Blueberry Dressing

Blueberries are grown in the northern part of France, and there, they create wonderful blueberry tarts of all descriptions. I did find a salad which makes use of blueberries in a balsamic dressing and is really delicious.

Danica's Layered Apple Cake

Baked Baby Coz

A twist on using lettuce as a warm vegetable instead of a salad side dish. This recipes takes on the flavours which you add to the vegetable stock.

French Chocolate Bark

Mendiants (the French word for “mendicant”), called chocolate bark in English, are bars or disks of chocolate studded with nuts and dried fruits. You can plan your recipe and create the Chocolate Bark of your choice. This is a delicious way to enjoy your favourite chocolate along with your favourite fruits and nuts.

St Honoré Cake

This is a classic French torte which was created in the 1800’s and named after the patron saint of chefs, St Honoré.

The traditional elements of this cake are, a puff pastry base, topped with a pastry cream, Chantilly cream or custard, then topped with whipped cream. This is then surrounded by profiteroles which have been dipped in a caramel sauce, sprinkled with caramelized sugar to resemble the halos of saints.

It is quite a time consuming creation but well worth the effort.

This recipe has just the basic traditional elements in it and you can add to it whatever your imagination allows as far as how you want the finished product to look.

Pistachio Crusted Grape Truffles

These truffles can be eaten as an appetizer, cut in half and placed around a tossed salad, or as part of a cheese board after a meal. Whichever way you present them they will be enjoyed and become a real conversation piece.

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