French Friday

Parsnip and Herb Gratin

Although the parsnip was not a popular vegetable to be used in French kitchens in years gone by, it has now become a widely used ingredient. Parsnips are readily found in markets around the country, and are quite expensive to buy. They are no longer regarded as food for pigs and cows. The parsnip is now treated with more respect, and a vegetable worthy of a place on the table.

White Bean Paté

This white bean paté is a tasty vegetarian alternative to the traditional liver paté. Dry white kidney beans can be boiled, or another option is to get them from a can. For this recipe I boiled dry beans for about an hour.

Zucchini Gratin with French Herbs

The zucchini plant grows very well in all parts of France, so you will find numerous recipes using the humble zucchini. Although a fairly tasteless vegetable, it does absorb flavours of herbs and spices incredibly well.

For those of you who grow zucchini, you end up having more of them than you know what to do with, so don’t be afraid to experiment when you find a recipe.

Here we have a tasty Zucchini dish which is a compliment as a side dish with any meal.

French Apple, Almond and Custard Tart

Here we have a classic dessert which can be found in any patisserie in France. Although there are a few steps to go through, this is not a complicated dessert to make.

French Country Style Fennel Salad

Fennel is grown widely in France and is used in many of their soup and fish dishes. Fennel needs to be eaten as fresh as possible after being cut, and what better way to use it, than in a crisp refreshing salad. Fennel seeds and fronds can also be used. The fronds have a mild flavour and are often used with fish, eggs poultry and pork.

Lemon Confit

This is a good way of preserving lemon flavour whenever you need a hint of lemon in your cooking.

Fruits and vegetables can be confited by packing them in sugar or salt.

The preparation of this Lemon Confit is with salt. You can also make a sweet lemon confit using sugar.

This salt-preserved lemon peel adds a Mediterranean flavour to salad or vegetable dishes in particular.

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