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Mustard Roasted Sweet Potato

This is a perfect side dish with a bit of a difference. We all run out of ideas when it comes to sweet potato, so then just go back to what we normally do with them. This recipe is worth trying and you will make it again because of the simplicity of making it, and the fabulous flavour of the ingredients used for baking them in.

Baked Whole Garlic

Roasting garlic heads whole, makes for a milder, sweeter, caramelised garlic clove to add to recipes where garlic is required.

French Style Strawberry Salad

This salad is almost a meal on its own. The strawberry is the hero of the dish, and the dressing is light and delicious. You don’t want the salad swamped in dressing, so be careful not to use all of the dressing in one hit, add it so that it just partly coats the salad.

Tomato, Goat Cheese and Caper Salad

A perfect salad for summer, when home grown tomatoes are as tasty, full of flavour and refreshing as they can be. Not a lot of effort goes into putting this salad together, but well worth making, especially if you have ripe tomatoes in the garden.

Poires au Four

So simple, yet so delicious! This wonderful dessert is easy to put together and doesn’t take long to prepare.

Use firm pears which are only just ripe.

Millefeuille with Speculoos Cream and Pine Nuts

Here we have a very traditional French dessert which is the basis of many similar treats.

The Speculoos paste is made a few hours before assembling the dessert.

To get the required and unusual flavour of the Speculoos paste, you must have the right biscuits. These are a caramelised sweet biscuit which have a distinct cinnamon flavour. This is called a Biscoff biscuit and the Brand is Lotus, found in most supermarkets.

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