French Friday

Olives Huileuses

This is a fun way to enjoy a Martini, in fact a reverse Martini. Here we have olives soaked in Gin and Vermouth.

Fennel and Tomato Gratin

The fennel plant is used widely in French cuisine to intensify flavours in meat, vegetables, seafood and stews. The roots of the fennel plant are the vegetable, while and the seeds and leaves are the herbs. The fennel seeds are part of the blend in Herbs de Provence, which are a combination of herbs used often in French cooking.

Charlotte Three Cheese Quiche

This is a crustless quiche made in two stages; quiche first, then the wall of semi-sweet pastry tongues arranged around it.

The French often use a hint of sugar in their pastries so don’t balk at the addition of sugar to this recipe.

Vegetarian Foie Gras (Paté)

The traditional Foie Gras is a highly prized delicacy in French cuisine, being made from specially fattened duck or goose livers. Here we have a vegetarian version which has similar great flavours.

Rosemary and Lemon French Sabels

These butter cookies are found in all supermarkets in France. They are actually a specialty of the Brittany region in Northern France. This region is famous for its excessive use of butter in its cooking, particularly salted butter. One thing the French don’t do, is to skimp on their use of butter, and they also take pride in the premium quality of the butter they use.

Salmon Terrine

In France, a Salmon terrine is an elegant starter for a dinner. Also ideal as an hors d’oeuvre when entertaining. A terrine usually has a coarser texture than a pate therefore can also be eaten as an entrée.

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