French Friday

French Apple, Almond and Custard Tart

Here we have a classic dessert which can be found in any patisserie in France. Although there are a few steps to go through, this is not a complicated dessert to make.

Lemon Confit

This is a good way of preserving lemon flavour whenever you need a hint of lemon in your cooking.

Fruits and vegetables can be confited by packing them in sugar or salt.

The preparation of this Lemon Confit is with salt. You can also make a sweet lemon confit using sugar.

This salt-preserved lemon peel adds a Mediterranean flavour to salad or vegetable dishes in particular.

Provencal Roasted Shitakes with Basil Oil

Shitake mushrooms have a great flavour and texture, so therefore a good choice of mushroom to use in this dish.

French Tarte Bourdaloue

Here we have a French, pear, custard and almond tart. It was first created by a celebrated patissier in 1909 and is still, to this day, one of the classic tarts sold throughout France.

It is easiest to use a bought puff pastry. In Europe there is a pastry which you can buy, somewhere between a puff and a short crust pastry. Because we can’t buy that particular pastry here, a puff is the closest pastry I can find.

Roasted Figs with Blue Cheese

Figs grow well in Provence with it’s perfect conditions for growing almost any fruit. The fig’s subtle but rich flavour pairs wonderfully with something a little salty. For those who enjoy figs, they are great in a salad. They can be roasted , sprinkled with fresh thyme and a drizzle of honey, in the oven (for a different flavour), for about ten minutes before adding to a salad of rocket, along with shaved parmesan, a few walnuts and sliced pear. If you have an abundance of figs you can be ambitious and try something different.

These are a nice surprise as an appetizer, with drinks or with a cheese course.

Lemon Mousse

There are a number of recipes for lemon mousse around, but this one does not require gelatine, and I found it to be the least complicated to put together.

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