French Friday

Meat Balls in Mustard Sauce

Alsace has a distinctive German influence in its cooking, and this is one such dish.

Here we have a delicious meat ball which is covered with a deep yellow sauce and served on a bed of sweet potato. Ordinary white potato or celeriac can also be used.

French Orange and Almond Pudding

A simple dessert, full of beautiful orange flavour, and not complicated to make.

Vegetarian Paté with Mushrooms

Here is a paté which serves the same purpose as the traditioinal paté, but is made of mushrooms and fresh herbs instead of liver. A delicious spread for biscuits, crackers, or breads.

Raspberry and Almond Financiers

Here we have a classic French almond cake which has raspberries added to it. This is a delicious French dessert (or afternoon tea cake) which is not too sweet. It has a crispy outer layer, with a beautiful soft centre, and ever so quick and easy to make.

Salmon en Croute

This is a classic French dish, and one of the more popular ways of preparing salmon.

“en croute”, indicating that the food has been wrapped and baked in a pastry crust. There are many variations of preparing the salmon for this method of baking, but the flavours of asparagus, dill and lemon zest, combine perfectly to produce this exquisite dish.

Roasted Almonds

Here we have a simple, sweet, almond bite for the time you want more than just a plain almond to have with a coffee.

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