French Friday

Yabby Apéritif

Yabbies are a much cherished delicacy in France, particularly in the Alps region where there are many lakes and streams where yabbies are in abundance.

This way of preparing and presenting yabbies doesn’t take long to put together, yet looks very impressive. The combination of the herbs fried in oil are absolutely delicious.

Potato Parcels

Small parcels of baby potatoes are a great side dish with any meal, but can adorn the table at a simple barbeque, and give a rustic feel to the whole meal time experience.

Apple Croustade

This classic French apple dessert was first created in south western France. It is made with layers of paper thin phyllo pastry which encases delicious apples.

Traditionally, orange blossom water and cinnamon are used in this dessert, but I didn’t use either.

The Croustade is considered a bit more than just a dessert, it’s more in tune with the cultural heritage of France where women stood around for hours rolling out the pastry till it was paper thin, and, fine enough to be a bride’s veil.

Fennel and Mushroom Tarts

Potato and Cheese Tartiflette

This dish originated in Savoy in the French Alps. An inexpensive and accessible food which is traditionally eaten after a day of skiing in the Alps. The ingredients are basically the same throughout the region; potatoes, bacon, onions and cheese. Many different variations to this recipe, but the ingredients are always the same.

The cheese which is used in France for this dish is Reblochon. An Australian substitute would be Gruyere, but I have heard where Brie has also been used.

Quince Tarte Tatin

In Europe, quinces are grown in the southern and central parts where the summers are hot, and are very often grown amongst apple trees in orchards. In France during the medieval times, quinces were greatly used for cooking. Quince jelly or paste used to be used for medicinal purposes as an aid for indigestion. Quince paste was also served with cheeses all those years ago. Now it’s almost a luxury to include quince paste on a platter of cheese, only because there don’t seem to be the abundance of quince trees around anymore.  Because of its fragrant flavour and rosy coloured flesh, we have a delightful Quince Tarte Tatin as today’s recipe.

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